Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bound and gagged




I'm feeling dark, with no trepidation, some things beg for sin. Will you play victim, lay in stillness or fight back when your breath is captured? I have the answer for every question you ask with wanting eyes, staring me down as if you could tame me.

Like you would want me tamed.

I'll start. As if you had a fucking choice.

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You!! On your stomach, hands and feet, bound, vulnerable to the shivers of a soft set of nipples tracing up your spine. A hand full of hair grabbed and pulled back revealing a neck that I hunger for. Grazing that jawbone, slowly traveling to tempt your tongue with another. Catching your gaze, but look away, waste no time on the pleasantries of love. Letting go now, dropping your head back down.


Yes roughly! Who the Hell asked you to pipe in? Shall we go over the rules again?

"Should you untie one leg?"

"NO, just loosen it".

A great FUCKING idea, But it wasn't mine. It's NOT happening.

Burrowing under you, slowly, softly but fiercely scratching for leverage, forcing it inside. Your head buried in soft flesh moaning. Now don't dare move.

So hard, so deep, so ready for the slightest motion, that is being controlled by,,uh,,, ME...

"Loosen one leg, please,, just do it."

And now you'll be gagged. Who's game is this? Are you really trying to control it? Do you want to play or talk about it?

Awww,, too bad you can't answer now.

You're on top, yes, but I still run THIS show.

Hips moving slowly, forcibly, steady friction, I'm feeling this, I'm gonna fucking lose it, I'm so wet now, so hot and weak for you. Your moans are fueling me. Harder. PUSH.

Now stop...

Un-gag him Bitch, flip him over, let's both take him down.

"That's the best idea you had ALL night!"

"You should have left him gagged!"

Aw,,, yes,,, but then,,, HE couldn't do THIS with me.. While you're doing that TO me!!!


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3 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I try to breathe but nothing comes from my mouth, my lungs are on fire and when you finally take the gage from my mouth. My lips rip the first layer of flesh from your body.

Anonymous said...

I like a woman with a plan.
I Do.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

But, yet, what'll you say AFTER death to Jesus, as all of U.S. must go someplace, Heaven or Hell? Even if you don't believe, doesn't matter. All of U.S. must face Jesus. Personally? I would stop this blog, focus on Heaven, and how to get beyond the clouds. Teach others to do the same. I found out verrry early why God loves me - we were involved in an accident taking her life (17, 15 respectively). Thus, we have only this weee, finite existence to either love or hate, worship God or the Devil. And if you don't care about honoring Almighty God, you're worshipping the Devil. Why? Dear, you can only praise one being --- Meet me in the Great Beyond where we'll have a BIG-OL, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for years and years. Oh, yeah! I forgot. Lemme kiss your beautifull, wonderfull feet for arriving Upstairs. Love you. See ya soon. God bless.