Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bound and gagged




I'm feeling dark, with no trepidation, some things beg for sin. Will you play victim, lay in stillness or fight back when your breath is captured? I have the answer for every question you ask with wanting eyes, staring me down as if you could tame me.

Like you would want me tamed.

I'll start. As if you had a fucking choice.

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You!! On your stomach, hands and feet, bound, vulnerable to the shivers of a soft set of nipples tracing up your spine. A hand full of hair grabbed and pulled back revealing a neck that I hunger for. Grazing that jawbone, slowly traveling to tempt your tongue with another. Catching your gaze, but look away, waste no time on the pleasantries of love. Letting go now, dropping your head back down.


Yes roughly! Who the Hell asked you to pipe in? Shall we go over the rules again?

"Should you untie one leg?"

"NO, just loosen it".

A great FUCKING idea, But it wasn't mine. It's NOT happening.

Burrowing under you, slowly, softly but fiercely scratching for leverage, forcing it inside. Your head buried in soft flesh moaning. Now don't dare move.

So hard, so deep, so ready for the slightest motion, that is being controlled by,,uh,,, ME...

"Loosen one leg, please,, just do it."

And now you'll be gagged. Who's game is this? Are you really trying to control it? Do you want to play or talk about it?

Awww,, too bad you can't answer now.

You're on top, yes, but I still run THIS show.

Hips moving slowly, forcibly, steady friction, I'm feeling this, I'm gonna fucking lose it, I'm so wet now, so hot and weak for you. Your moans are fueling me. Harder. PUSH.

Now stop...

Un-gag him Bitch, flip him over, let's both take him down.

"That's the best idea you had ALL night!"

"You should have left him gagged!"

Aw,,, yes,,, but then,,, HE couldn't do THIS with me.. While you're doing that TO me!!!


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Thursday, June 24, 2010


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A lovers magician, hovering over you, a breath between us.
Still, motionless, peaceful, yet every muscle aches.
No bag of tricks, just slight of hand, playing each card.
Longing, hungry, waiting, for this space to disappear.
You become inpatient, searching for secrets, we become one.
Entwined, interlocked, enveloped, no need for a key.
You belong here, deep inside me, no illusion in reality.
Passion, power, release, all has been revealed.
Take your place, here in my heart, magic at it's finest.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Missing Part 4

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I lay nude, contemplating my recent short comings. My skin is dampened, sweaty from the mornings sun that is peering in on me. My words were to be perfectly scripted, my actions, meticulously choreographed, but my heart thickened the plot. As I stare at the ceiling, I wonder: where did my strength and resolve go?

I was never a jealous or controlling lover. I was always able to separate my feelings from tainting my insatiable love of sex. I am not able to discern exactly what has jilted my demeanor, but I know I have little control of it. I reach to the side table, fumbling to start my Cd player. As I stretch, the softness of white satin sheets rubs my nipples awakening them. With the purr of jazz playing, the steaminess of the room lingers and my mind wanders to him again, a familiar fantasy unraveling scene by erotic scene. My hands move in auto pilot to fulfill my longing. A relaxing cycle of controlled release, recently felt lost, is returned briefly. A screaming phone interrupts pleasure, I spring erect to answer it.


"How much longer does this go on?" I query weakly.

The voice is coy and careful but he is obviously disturbed by my actions. I listen as he tells me of my errors and firmly "suggests" a different approach. Much to his dismay, I grow agitated and decide to cut short the conversation, a decision I know full well I will regret at a later point in time. I lay back down, tears slowly trailing down my face until I thankfully doze off.

A tapping at the door startles me, I had been asleep for hours, I am not prepared for the visitor I imagined would be standing to greet me. I find an old jersey, pull it over my head, shake out my sweat dampened hair and sprint to the door. Through the peephole I see him pacing methodically with little emotion on his face.

"Come in"

He slides by me silently, I look to his dark eyes, knowing instantly why he is here. The weight of his body knocks me to the foyer wall. My jersey seems to float over my head, dropping to the tile floor. He takes a firm hold on my hair and pulls it back quickly, I gasp as he bites down on my neck and grazes up to my ear.

"You shouldn't be here" I whisper, receiving no response.

"Is this worth the risk?" I ask again, hoping for an answer.

"You are, yes."

No other words are spoken. My legs are lifted up from under neath me as he feasts on every inch of bare flesh while balancing me against the wall. I am frozen in the fear that if I move, my skin might lose contact with his mouth, even a moment would be a great loss.

I am placed gently down on the tile with one swift motion and find him tasting my core. I am trying to hold myself completely still but keep slipping back on the tile, he does not notice, intently pleasuring me again and again. Slowly, I feel the heat of his mouth travel up to my ribcage and focus on my breasts. Little nibbles turn harder and I almost lose rational thought under his wandering touch. He slips off his shirt and I pull him down to taste myself in his kiss.

By this point I need him inside me more than I have ever wanted another. He complies forcefully and there plays a chorus of passionate noises echoing through my home.

Then it becomes eerily still. He softly falls to my side as we try to catch the breath that had been taken away from us in the moment.

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There are still no words, none are needed. He would spend the night by my side, making me remember what it felt like to really need someone.

Someone I may never have.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meeting in her office... (interlude short)

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"I don't think you should be coming onto me like this, it's unprofessional and I haven't got the time for such nonsense."

But I never pulled away. Mixed messages and longing, a deadly combination in the game of seduction. I am the one unbuttoning his shirt, I am the one shimmying out of this skirt, I carry all blame. A full window of daylight in front of us, 15 stories up, an office door to the back, locked, with curtains drawn.

He whispers " I am the boss now" as he slips his hand between my legs, pushing them apart deftly.

I submit to him now, his warmth and strength intrigue me. He pushes me to shaking knees, further demonstrating his prowess as hunter. I am quarry, the weak for which the hunter preys upon. I do not struggle, I take him full in my mouth choking at the size, yet still wanting him deeper. One pull of a bobby pin frees my hair from conservative, a switch is hit and I amble on to please him. His waves penetrate, he begs me to stop, who is in charge now I wonder, yet I do as he requests.

I am thrown onto the desk, legs airborne, his mouth hungry to find me, he pushes red lace to the side with his tongue to discover my heat. My head falls back to find his hand grasping my hair and pulling it further back, exposing my neck. He raises up to my eye's level, slowly unbuttoning my crisp white blouse revealing the nude pasties I wear to hide perky nipples, mine are full and erect now. He smiles at me as he tears them off with his mouth and lingers, paying tribute to every part of my breast.

I am exposed, thigh highs and heels my only protection from wandering hands, he looks at me as if I am fine artwork, I return the gesture. I am enchanted with his every move, his next one startles me.

Thrown to the floor and entered roughly, my head pounds against the rough carpet, I am bleeding, but undeterred. Grunting, moaning, the sounds and smell of sex envelop us with it's lure. I don't want this to end, but we both give up the fight, together. Breathing slows as the shaking stops. Sweat rolls down his nose and drips onto my waiting tongue, his taste, like the finest of sweet wine.

He helps me up and feels the back of my head revealing bloody fingers.

"I am sorry".

"You had better fucking NOT be" I counter with little emotion.

"Now pull yourself together and get the fuck out of my office!"

We dress awkwardly never losing eye contact. I place my hair back into confinement as he walks toward the door adjusting himself.

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Kids have soccer practice tonight, I'll pick something up".