Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The bath

She walked in the door, slipped off her shoes and dropped her bags callously. She needed to strip off the burdens of the day and immerse herself in the heat of a bath. She would linger there for as long as she wished, eyes closed, focusing on every journey of the water drops that rolled off her golden skin.

The faucet was leaking again, but the repetition played a soothing tune and caused a rippled art wave at her toes. With her hands by her side she pretends she is flying, slowly making waves that massage her whole body as her mind wanders and her imagination blossoms into a wondrous art piece.

She is now floating over the ocean and watching children play in the sand. The tropical air hits her face and smells of coconuts and hibiscus flowers. She watches herself dance in circles as the day fades to night, sun dress accentuating her every curve, hair free and long. The music is sensual and rhythmic and begs you to move with someone, closely, every excited goosebump felt through thin summer clothes.

As he walks by the crack in the door, he catches a glimpse of her. Quietly standing, he finds himself immersed in the beauty of his lover. Breathless, he waits, wondering where she is and if he is there with her, longing to taste her.

She doesn't let on that she is aware of his presence. It excites her when he looks at her that way. There have been too many nights gone by without a breath on tender skin. She lingers, lifting her hand up to brush the hair out of her face. Watching the drips from her arm land squarely on her hardened nipples, arouses him. He is not sure how long he can stand restrained.

She slips her hand down her chest and finds quivering thighs, he knows he must remain still. Slowly, she arches as she dives deep into her territory, stifling a moan and biting her lip hard as the water crashes on the side of it's porcelain pool. Deeper and stronger she moves as she brushes her breasts, stopping at each one and teasing readied nipples. Slowly and hardened, she pushes down in just the right place until she explodes out of the water, laughing at the strength of her release.

She combs her hair back with shaking hands and touches her bottom lip, wiping the blood away from a passioned bite. Leaning towards the tub wall, she rests her head on her arm and looks to an empty doorway. Perhaps someday her reality will be inhabited by a lover and her pleasure shared. She will make this journey alone until he is found. She falls back into the now chilly water, smiling and wondering where she will travel next.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poetry on a rainy Sunday evening

Grasping at reality with a fingertip hold
But I need to let go now
It's time for the dreams, to all take their toll
yet I have only nightmares
I can see there's a light, behind all the pain
if I can only get to it
Calling me down, where fear is unchained
No hero to save me
Feverishly directing, flashing color and sound
There is no relenting
I know as I heal, with a faith that holds strong
My life is a masterpiece

Swirling above me, in the dark of my mind, are my voided screams
Beckon for help, no voice to call out, even I can not hear them
Dreams for a future, that will never come, if I don't make them heard
But you were too busy, to listen to words, not spoken, about you
Eager for ears, when you need them most, but you had none to offer
So I turned around, then I muted them all, before I myself deafened
Now that your gone, I'm found all alone, I can hear the soft whispers
They grow louder each day, in wait for the time, each one is echoed

Yes, your touch is powerful, and it could own me
But I won't let on so easily, so don't expect that
Yes, there I go again, grasping ecstasy
But now I'll turn the tables, to bring you there
Yes, my touch is powerful, and now I own you

Hear me
But don't listen to my screams
Hear only the things that no one else does
In the sighs that you bring
In the cries in the night
Those are the things I've chosen for you

Hear the way that I feel
By the power of my touch
Hear the love that I nurture
When I listen in return
Hear me speaking with no words
And Listening with no prejudice

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Threesome Tuesday

A light catches your eye
you walk towards it
a door cracked in the darkness
you listen quietly
a muffled sigh and breathing
you push in to see
a single moment, her alone
you watch the writhing
the smell of her, lingers now
you must have more
her skin radiates heat
your touch will fuel it
she watches you, admiring her
you are now beckoned
a single moment, shared with her
You stop to savor it

the taste of your tongue cures the loneliness
your hands move down to capture my heat
you find the spot, my mind quarries on your touch
I beg to take all of you in
we meld as night turns into day

I see you
I know what you are
I've answered your questions
I've given you mine
You've touched my soul
You've touched my body
We've all experienced you before
We've felt your sting time and again
They said you can't be found
They say I shouldn't try
I see you
I crave what you are

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random poetry (older stuff)

Have I lost your attention again?
What do I do to attain it?
Have I lost that sweet gaze in your eyes?
What can I do to retain it?
Are you losing enchantment with me?
What do I do to maintain it?
Are my blood and my tears not enough?
What can I do now to sustain it?
Is this what love's supposed to be like?
What battles should I fight to regain it?
Is love worth all the pain that it gave me?
What are the reasons I shouldn't disdain it?

What would we pen of love and of distance?
Some loves traverse it, while others transcend it.
So what would I pen of love and of distance?
True love holds no space that a heart can't contain it.

No matter how many times you taste me like this,
just know, I will never taste the same.
The sweet flavor you crave, mixed with the essence you savor,
of a woman you will never tame.
It's day dreaming, sweet fantasies, of how I greet you from absence,
yet, not wanting to go away.
It's that question I answer, that leads to another,
that makes you want to stay.
A touch that must linger or the lick of a finger,
before I let you dive in.
or when you call and discover, my naughty voice as your lover,
before the touching begins.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You tore off my wings with one yank then questioned,
"why don't you fly anymore?"
You starred in my nightmares then wondered so stupidly,
"why did you fail in your dreams?"
You cut to the core of my soul with a smile and asked,
"why are you so flat?"
You took all my hunger and fed it with hate but,
"why am I so thin?"
You stared at me seething until I looked away, asking,
"why are you so afraid?"
You angered me, to the point of redirection but
"why did I wait so long?"
You made me stronger in ways you can't fathom, yet
"why don't I feel indebted?"
You took all I had but then I got my wings back,
"why didn't I fight from the start?"
You kneel there pathetic, asking for pardon and
"why would I give that to you?"
You thought I lost everything I had to offer but
You never saw what I found!!


Another life ago, I believed in happy endings
and I thought I was safe in the mask.
Another life ago, I dreamt of finding true love
and I thought I had succeeded that task.
Another life ago, I could see the hope of progress
and I thought it would never end.
Another life ago, my doubt and fears were fading
and I thought my soul would mend.
Another life ago, I wouldn't think I could get stronger
and I'd thought of just letting go.
Another life ago, is gone with each waves crashing
and I know I am glad this is so.


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I stalk you, creeping, watching, ready to pounce,
my every move precise
I want you in my web, motionless, tangled, yearning
for sweet drops of poison
Emerging from sand, scurrying towards my shore,
a first swim in blue waters
Close to the ground, shedding the skin of lost love,
eyes clearing to see
Craving your movements, I sweep down, longing to capture
all you have to give
Patiently still, I await this, an animalistic rendering
of a love that feels complete

(read between the lines now)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Short Story Time/St. Patrick's Day Special/Sensual Awakenings 4

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St. Patrick's day had finally arrived and River Street was a buzz with thousands of staggering people herding in every corner awaiting the parade. There was a celebrated news story as well. The little goth run away had been found. Ironically she was the "woman half" of the vociferous couple down the hall at the B&B. They could be heard screaming deftly each night in rapture. Jazen certainly did not remember having sex like that at 17, in fact she had waited until her sophomore year of college. A string of unfaithful boyfriends led to her losing her patience with "the wait". She lost her virginity to a cocky jock who lasted all of 2 seconds inside her screaming "Do IT baby, DO IT BABY!!!". Then, once it was over, he held her, crying "Crocadillian" type tears and proclaiming perpetual love. She broke up with him the next day, he cried again. That's about how her love life had progressed until this point, a lot of build up to a 2 second outcome and tears.

She was excited for the festivities of the day but felt very alone and conflicted. Since the encounter in the alleyway, she also felt hungry for the touch of a man. But it was Ian that was in her mind, not a stranger, she just couldn't shake the fact that she may never have him. She shared with Ian what had happened that night and heard the pitch in his voice change as he tried to joke about it. It had been haunting her, she knew she had to tell him what she was feeling, but how?

She had no idea that Ian had been thinking about her as well......

The day was a beautiful one, sun in full work mode and a nice breeze filled with the petals of the pinkest Azalea bushes she had ever seen. People were smiling and happily coupled up wherever she looked. But Jazen's long iridescent dark hair and searing eyes still garnered unwanted attention with each step she took. She began to feel out of place and wondered why she had chosen to come out in the first place. At least at night there were the shadows of the moon to hide within, now she was fully exposed. She walked to a less populated area and sat on a fountain ledge that was spewing green water. Turning to face the fountain, she took her sandals off and dipped her feet in the fountain's cool pool of water. With her head tilted toward the sun, her long hair floated up, catching the breeze and giving her a chill.

A deep voice interrupted the moment, "SLUT!"

Jazen swirled around nervously.

"IAN!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing here?????" she squealed and jumped up to greet him.

"I came to get laid!! Heard the women here are desperate, they have sex with strangers in alleys and what not!" he said stifling a laugh.

"Well, I,, "

She wasn't sure why, but she broke down in tears as he held her there. The embrace felt so encompassing and gave her back something she hadn't felt for quite some time. Ian just quietly reciprocated, closing his eyes, taking in the scent of her hair and the feel of her body against his.

Everyone else faded away in that moment, no words were needed, as they slowly parted, their eyes caught and the gaze spoke soft words written in only the most eloquent of Sonnets.
He touched her collarbone, then lifted up her chin bringing her towards him quickly. She quivered as their lips met for the first time and she tasted the sweetness of his tongue against hers. Deeply and passionate they continued, until realizing the wind had changed direction and caught the water from the fountain, dousing them fully with it's green spray. Laughing, Ian wiped a wet strand from Jazen's face, she lost her train of thought in his touch. His brown hair and chiseled features were even more stunning on this day, but it was his eyes, painted in the deepest shade brown and flecked with gold, that stole her breath away from her.

He spoke softly with the strictest of purpose, "We need to talk, I think we've been getting this all wrong".

Jazen smiled to him like a sweet song he had never heard before and shook her head in agreement as he brushed another dark strand from her cheek. They spent the day running with laughter, in the foot steps of a love they could never imagine would be theirs, stealing kisses in every shadow and waiting impatiently for the night to fall.

To be continued.......

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One poem "2" ways..questionable outcome *shrugs*

I dream in Black and White. Where have the colors gone?
I hear in one flat octave. Where are the missing tones?
I see with no dimension. Where is your depth of soul?
I recognize the problem. Where have you hid my joy?

Where have you hid my joy? I lost it in your rage.
Where is your depth of soul? I could never scratch the surface.
Where are the missing tones? I sang for hates lost ears.
Where have the colors gone? I gave them in my smiles.

I gave them in my smiles. Where now they shine intensely.
I sang for hates lost ears. Where now I've found my voice.
I could never scratch the surface. Where now you linger hidden.
I lost it in your rage. Where now I've found my peace.

I dream in Black and White. Where have the colors gone?
I gave them in my smiles. Where now they shine intensely.
I hear in one flat octave. Where are the missing tones?
I sang for hates lost ears. Where now I've found my voice.
I see with no dimension. Where is your depth of soul?
I could never scratch the surface. Where now you linger hidden.
I recognize the problem. Where have you hid my joy?
I lost it in your rage. Where now I've found my peace.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dark Interlude Entertainment

You there, staring at me, what do you think you know?
And you, I know, you've asked before, not knowing how far to go.

I told no one and no one saw, I took it all in stride.
I crept in darkness, silently, on the floor, collapsed and cried.

It went on like this for far to long as I tried to make it right.
Pretend it's normal, I deserved the rage, still too scared to fight.

Raping my mind with words of doubt until all passion fled.
Breaking my body with angry hands but it's my soul that really bled.

You're not here now, but always are, somewhere locked deep inside.
In nightmares, visions, lost hope and scars, I always try to hide.

It's gone on like this for far to long, I still try to make it right.
Praying not to flinch, if ever held, and it feels a bit too tight.

To the one, who's asked before, not knowing how far to go.
And also to you, still staring at me, What would you like to know?


She's weak, he's strong, he'll save her
But he's too scared to breathe
He cries each night and clings to her
Then he begins to seethe

She won't give in her heart is strong
But she can't catch her breath
She's strong, he's weak, they all were wrong
She's paid his toll with death

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Who is it that holds a more powerful stance?
The one who thinks he does, or the woman who lets him?
You'll have to thrust harder if you want me to flinch.
Go deeper if you want me screaming out for you.
Will you crawl to me while I put submission back in your eyes?
Can you be the prey when you think yourself a predator?
I look up at you as the victim because that's what you want.
I will look down on you as mine when hunger strikes for quarry.
Where will you be when the power shifts back?
On your knees, in fantasy, or right where I positioned you?
I will take all of you , I will fill your furtive desires.
You'll beg me to crawl as you put submission back in my eyes.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Short Story Time: Sensual Awakenings (3)

St. Patricks day was about a week away and already the little town of Savannah was bursting at the seams with tourists and college kids ready for the next cheap thrill. Jazen sat stagnate, still trying to pull herself together for the kill, or so to speak.

News reporters and crew were everywhere following leads of a local girls disappearance, her cherub face could be seen on every channel you tuned and her name spoken on every breath in town. She was 17, the daughter of one of the town's most prominent business men. It was now being slated as a runaway tale. She was said to be rebelling with her new "goth" boyfriend in tow. Jazen was glued to this girls eyes, she swore she could see pain in every picture flashed in the media. She knew there was more to the story, but somehow knew it wasn't an issue for her safety as Ian had initially warned.

Another "warning" also stayed prevalent in her head, thin walls. As the B&B's occupancy rates raised for the holiday, so did the moans of pleasure from the other rooms. One room down the hall was curiously loud. That couple had been there since Jazen first arrived, but she had never seen them. She was jealous knowing that the sexual positions and techniques in that room were being properly executed.

She had left her "toy" at home with the thought of not needing it, but now questioned that decision as her hands grew tired in midst of her own play, which she, for some reason, could not get enough of. She had built this sexual adventure up so grand it encompassed her, every thought was of fulfilling her needs. Tonight she would vamp up and go out on the prowl. But not before one more "self-service session" she thought, throwing the covers over her head and grasping the sheets in her hand.

Ready now?

A few hours of preparation later Jazen was sitting on the bed pulling up airy black thigh highs over freshly tanned and shaved legs. Right leg, then left, she began playfully scissoring them in the air, giggling as she thought out loud: "It seems a shame to cover such masterpieces!!". Plotting for seduction, she decided to take off the thigh highs and opted for the lure of soft skin instead.

"Mmmm, much better" she mumbled as she stroked her lean thighs.

Her hair was wild, wispy pieces falling into her face and sticking on her blood red lip stain. She had paid special attention to her eyes, smudging coal black liner precisely and highlighting with glimmer. She had even placed a crystal gem in each corner for added sparkle, 3 coats of the blackest mascara later, and she was perfected.

Her black corset was tightened methodically, amping up an already rounded bosom, dusted with Jasmine scented sparkles. The corset was laced taut with purple ribbon and nipped at the end with a lavish bow, a little girly and out of place with the rest of the outfit. A tight skirt with a line of hook and eye closures, sure to tempt even the saintliest of men, almost finished off the look, but it was the pair of towering high heels that added the last bit of sex. She was amazing and she knew it. Even still, butterflies welled up in her belly and her voice cracked as she prodded herself to leave the safety of the room.

At the pub, she purposely went straight for the bar not making eye contact with any of the men that were openly ogling her. She floated to a stool and requested a double Jack and Coke, needing a quick buzz to open her up a bit. The man next to her was charming enough, but a little too straight laced for her. But he, not sensing her disapproval, went straight in with a droll line of questioning.

"You from around here" he asked simply.


"Where you from then?"

"Not from around here" she reestablished coyly.

"Well, I'll leave you alone, I was just making small talk" He said while turning his back a bit.

Jazen then noticed that he was actually VERY handsome and in a strange way, looked like he was hiding something. She changed her line of thinking, perhaps if not too late, she would try to talk to him again. She reached out and placed her hand on his arm, feeling the shape of toned muscles beneath his thin shirt.

"I'm sorry, I'm just nervous tonight, I'm from Chicago, just here for two weeks" she uttered, adding a sweet smile to tempt him.

"I'm Ted" he said turning to face her once more.

Ted, ack, even his name was square! None-the-less she felt she could dominate him, and bitch really wasn't her style, so she continued.

"I'm Jazen, you want to dance,,, Ted?" she spoke, almost laughingly.

As they strutted to the dance floor she felt a little more relaxed and pushed herself up against him demanding his attention. There were no words, just a lingering touch and eye contact ensuring that they both were hungry for more. They went on like this for hours, stopping only briefly to refuel with copious amounts of alcohol.

Her head was swimming in dark thoughts of sensuality so she took his arm and pulled him out to the alley behind the bar. Stopping suddenly, she gave him an elusive smile and let out a playful grunt while she slammed him against the wall. He was shocked but surprisingly adept at handling the situation. Their mouths met in a fiery kiss as he slipped his hands up her skirt forcefully. The soft movement of his tongue against hers and the harshness of his grip on her thigh aroused her. With one swift motion, he flipped her around and forced her into the position he had started in. She adjusted her stance and kicked one leg back to the wall, opening herself up further to him. Moments lapsed as he entered her with his fingers and let out a muffled sigh. She felt like satin, hot and wet with desire and he was transfixed. Her hand traveled down releasing his formidable size and forcing all of him inside her. They moved violently. She gasped as her back scratched deeply against the brick. It was both pain and pleasure, being experienced with a stranger, just like she had envisioned. He could no longer keep control and moaned in her ear the sound of pure release. She joined him seconds later, letting out a long sigh and then a laugh that echoed down the alley way.

"That was fucking amazing" he stammered, still shaking.

Jazen coldly fixed herself, letting loose one last seductive glance before turning to walk away. He stood in the night begging for her information and where he could meet her next. She never looked back and he didn't follow.

The moon babysat her, beams of light kissing her shoulders as she began to skip childishly into the night. She spotted a cab waiting by a large hotel and smiled, deciding she would run and steal it. The cab driver asked no questions as he could tell she would have given no answers.

She knew this is what it was supposed to feel like, unbridled, unrestrained and unimaginably sexy, and knew, she would have more.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short Story Time: Sensual Awakenings (2)

When Jazen arrived in Savannah it was raining and late. She had set up a reservation at a Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of town. Her intention was to be unnoticed during the day and a sexual force at night. But she was nervous and questioning.

The B&B was shabby at best, it's only highpoint was that it was warm and off the beaten path. The owner chaperoned Jazen up squeaking stairs while prodding intentions and smelling of waffles and day old beer. She was a rounded figure of layered yarns and linen with a gruff voice and shaking hands.

"The walls are very thin here, if you know what I mean dear."

"No whistling,, yup,, got it!" Jazen replied, not amusing her company.

"Oh, and this is just a bed,, not so much a breakfast" the owner countered snidely while opening the door to the quarters.

When the room was in view the owner vanished, Jazen sighed deeply. It was a seedy room with little charm and even an even smaller amount of cleanliness. Still, it was cheap and she would make the best of it. Jazen found herself shaking her head because under closer inspection of her surroundings, she found every item possible was setting on a smoke stained but very ornate doily, even the half full ashtrays. A bizarre tribute to homeyness she assumed.

The first night there would be spent wide eyed and fantasizing between scratchy sheets, rain serenading the silence.

As the early morning sun shone through the torn velvet curtains, her cell started screaming on the side table beside her, a startling start to a long day. It was her "kitty on the pedestal" friend Ian.

"Hello, slut" Ian joked at her expense.

"Great way to wake up, such sweet encouraging words you give! You should see this place Ian, I am scared!" Jazen said giggling.

"Listen, you need to be careful Jaz, turn on the news, a local girl is missing, it doesn't look good."

"Awww, you love me!!!" She said not knowing how true it was.

"Just be careful, I'll call later and check up on you, you sure you want to stay?"

"I have to do this, I need this, I mean,,, I don't know......"

"Well, let's talk about it in a bit, maybe we can meet up."

Ian had a certain powerful charm. They had met years ago and "almost" fit, but they were in different spots in their lives. He had strong feelings for her and wanted more, she felt the same of him but never let on.

Jazen would always found a way to negate longings for men, afraid they would scare them away. And now, as she lay alone, she thought of Ian touching her. Those thoughts turned quickly into actions, spurring movements of slow wet fingers traveling purposefully. Slumbered moans change loudly to sighs of release as she hit all the right buttons, legs quivering with excitement, nipples swelling in the crisp morning air.

Perhaps Ian's call was not only a warning, but an awakening to the truth of their relationship. Was he what she needed or was this dark fantasy of strangers and masochistic encounters her true desire? Either way it would be fed, in more ways than one.