Sunday, April 25, 2010




Black finger nails, chipped at the ends, feeling slightly naughty.
Dark eyeliner, just a little smudged, but we'll just call it "smokey".
Hair such a mess, from tumbling around, in the act of not sleeping.
Fishnets snagged, torn away from flesh, high heels dropping quickly.
Glasses half empty, bottles fully gone, air smells of liqueur.
Just me alone, because you never showed, now I just look trashy.
I'll take the time, to settle my own score, I bite my lip and get there.
I didn't need you, In this I am proficient, my hands become my lover.
Room fills with smoke, music slow, jazzy, you walk in with reasons.
I just laugh and leave, licking your neck before I go:

"Meet me in the shower"

You see, I wasn't done, and now, I'll make you pay,,,

...................aren't you glad you're not an angel??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naughty Thoughts

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Don't talk to me. I didn't ask for your words. Just do what you are told, and I will make you smile. But it's not about you. Sorry to let you down. There are certain perks to this longing and I am sure you can figure them out. Why so soft, I won't break, I can't feel it if you don't cut deeper. This is not the time for cuddling. I need to feel your breaking point. I want to taste your power. Scream if I tell you, hold back if I don't. Let me control you. Can you do that? Can you close your eyes and be hunted by a masterful predator? Your hands are trembling because you are in love. This is not about love. I didn't ask you to love me tonight. I need you on your knees. Bleeding for me. Yearning so deeply that your mind erases everything you know about making love. We can make love tomorrow. Tonight you tear into me ravenously and I you. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you want. I will laugh. I will lick my lips and devour you. I will cut you with my tongue, each muscle throbbing at the sensation of my heat. I will look up at you with the eyes of an angel, using the touch of the devil. You will feast at my alter and drink me in slowly. Feel each ripple flow through me. Add to the wetness you have produced. Now fall. Just breathe. Grip your hands around my waist and throw me down. All strength is gone. Sleep well.

Tomorrow we will make love.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Suite 5B


The night was dark and musical. Her thin white dress clung to her body and seemed to glow against the sky. They were both transfixed with each other, working up a sweat in the heat of every stolen moment. Whispering and giggling through each action like school children in a play.

"Don't put it in that far, just go slow now" she said timidly, grasping his arm and stealing his gaze.

"It'll be fine, don't worry, I am a trained professional" he said trying to encourage her.

"Well straighten it out at least, that should help".

"It doesn't really work that way, I got this" he mumbled as he touched her cheek softly and winked.

"Oh there it is, now we got it".

"Faster, oh, that's it, Faster ,, now just let go......"

"Why are we whispering?"

"I don't know just shut up and push!" She moaned teasingly.

Their breathing was now in unison. Holding hands tightly and staring, longing for the climax. Every moment made their mouths water. A thirst that needed to be quenched as quickly as they could.

When the soda dropped, she kissed his cheek quickly and giggled.

"Damn, I didn't think that stupid machine was ever gonna take that dollar!"

"I'm glad it did, you fucked me so hard last time, my mouth still feels like the desert!! "

"Let's do it again!"

They ran back down the corridor of a seedy hotel. A neon sign blinking "Vacancies" casts a creepy red glow in their room. The smell of sex and stale beer permeate the air. Young love is in full bloom in suite 5B.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Romantic duo


She looked up to him, mind racing, thoughts of his beauty, inside and out, leaving her speechless, floating, in a trance. He looked down at her, thinking the same thoughts, enthralled to be just a breath away from her. Locked in a gaze so deep it hurts, knowing sooner or later there would be need to look away, not wanting to ever forget this piece of lingering time. At this moment, there is no poverty, no crime, no war, nothing in the outside world that deserves their thoughts. Be selfish for now and breathe the same breath, the world and it's struggles, will enter on it's own schedule.

A breath away, hands shaking, bodies longing, a breath away is too far....

They kiss........

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Words tantalizingly sweet, pulling at the core of me
Touching parts of my soul that have been barren and cold
Releasing the pain and fear, for new hope and a journey
Long and narrow roads, leading to you and a crossroad
We embrace, for now, through a medium of pen to paper
And dreams of your touch, deliver me into blissful peace

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In the silence, I hear your breath, it's never quiet there
In the dark, I still feel your heat, penetrating frigid air
In the hollows of a memory, someplace too vast to go
You kindle hope, and linger there, for what, I'll never know

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He parted my lips with his tongue
Looking up at me, stealing my gaze
He kept me still with his force
I lay helplessly, not struggling free
The moment rushed in and I lost it................

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............I lost all control, any knowledge of time
I lost all my senses, any reason or rhyme
I lost all the reasons, I should've made him leave
I lost all the lies and now I believe
I kicked him away, then pulled him back fast
I took him inside and I know it won't last

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How long have I been falling into darkness
Swirling around in my own negativity
How abruptly you hit bottom
When did I stop holding on
Rocking back and forth
There's comfort in repetition
It’s all repetition now
The same smiles-
The same words-
The chills that linger-
The scars abhorred-
Do it again-
Touch it again-
It’s all repetition-
There’s comfort in repetition.

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Don't listen to a word I say, I'm jaded
The words are tainted, laced with love, that's faded
I guess I read more into you, stop faking
But if you have a true heart to give, I'm taking