Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interlude Entertainment...

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Subtle nuances of you linger, as you haunt my existence
Your music serenades me, I find new tones with your absence
Replaying lost motions, that once were shared, alone, I scream
Solemn in wait, praying for breath to co-mingle, it's silent here now
Still I finish the chapter, in a book set aside, too wary to continue
The ending, prolific, me alone again crying, no tears there for you
This time, I let go, destroying the transcripts, new ones being painted
The smiles and laughter, the strongest foundation, simple in nature
Storyline building, my dreams play author, who needs happy endings
This end signifies, a beginning journey, eye opening and entrancing
Awaken the hunt, for what lay ahead, and the hand held to get there

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Moving in unison while the world stands still
All I hear is your breathing, all I feel is breaths air
There is strength in your longing, raged lust in your eyes
You tell me you love me, I drink in all your lies

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing Part 3

(As always with this series, the music is very important. Please play and read slow)

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The room is cold and empty. I lay on a barren mattress, devoid of feeling. You won. Did you even know you were playing a game? Can't we do something with these pieces? Some of them are still beating, still warm. I see memories in this one, me laughing with my hand on your neck. You, perilously aware that I have fallen. What is that look in your eye? Disdain? Even then?

You created me. You cast me out coldly from the form you designed. You should have cut the edges closer, shaving off any possible chance of free will.

Maybe then you would still be here, to judge my actions.

As I feel your fading pulse on my tongue, I wonder, did you enjoy tasting me? You were ever the experienced lover. I gave you all I had. You took what wasn't offered. In my shadow here, I question, was I devious enough to impress you, the one who has taken so many lives? Your life's fluid rains from my lips onto my hardened nipples, it is softer than you have ever been. I writhe and come to my own release with your blood dripping hot from my fingertips.

Don't wake up, your reality is far worse than this nightmare.

Harsh footsteps rattle thin walls. Wingtips I believe, surrounded by a hem of crisp dress slacks, pleated strongly, meticulously, straight down the middle.

"What is this?" He murmurs, throwing my words down on the table.

"Just words." I whisper coldly.

"I tried to see innocence for you through these words"

"Yet, all I see is guilt."

"Read them again" I moan, as I push myself back, sitting upright in my chair.

He is walking around me now, stiffly, I trace his shape with an obvious longing. This is formal questioning, but they have nothing binding to hold me here. I will walk out flirtatiously, in the same black dress I was brought here in.

I can't do this much longer.


I feel weak for him.

The script is fading in my memory.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Missing- Part 2

(please play music and read slowly)

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I had just gotten out of the shower as the door was being pounded on. There was an urgency that I could feel through the repetitive nature of the rapping. I grabbed a small towel and dabbed drops away from my face while combing my hair back with tensed fingers. I looked out the peephole to see the detective standing as stone in the breezeway of my condo. His features chiseled, eyes intent and dark. He was masterfully designed and left afterthoughts of things I wanted to do to him, playing in my mind.

I knew why he was here. Still more questions of my involvement in this case lingered with him. He sensed a strong attraction and claim between me and my missing lover, perhaps so strong that I was responsible. He was very intuitive indeed.

I opened the door unapologetic to my lack of attire or shame. I saw him swallow at the sight of me, I smile knowingly. Another lover had been in the back dressing quickly to return to class at the local college. Her hair, still dripping and wild, fed trails of water down her bronzed cleavage, dampening the slight sun dress she was gracing.

She was a heavenly creation of a woman that moments ago I was tasting every inch of, her sweetness, still dancing on my tongue. Edging by me, she coyly stops to kiss me full on, leaving even more of her taste with me, before tracing her fingers down my bare side. Then, making sure she owned his gaze, she passes him seductively, brushing hard against him in just the right spots. His mind is entwined in fantasy as he watches her, hypnotized by the lure of her shape sauntering down the hallway and out of sight.

"She was fucking amazing!" I told him, in muted recap of our activities.

I don't think he knew what to say to that, the situation seemed to catch him off guard. He looked intently on me with many questions and a hidden desire he wouldn't speak to, as of yet.

"This is my card, you can call any time you feel a need" he said strongly, knowing these words had dual meaning.

He turned quickly before clearing his throat and vanishing in the same shadows as the girl evaporated into moments ago. Suspicion must be high on me for him to have stopped by unannounced. I knew he had not accomplished what he set out to do with me, neither had I with him. There was still the mystery of a missing person to unravel, a man I had plans to make use of many more times.

I thought things were very much in my control at this point.

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Things aren't always what they appear to be.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


(please click music, then read slowly)

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I remember the night he went down on me. It was the first time a man had ever made me beg for him to stop. But I didn't want him to stop. He had me on the edge of the bed, breathless, holding on to sanity by a thread. He had fucked me harder and more deft than any other had. My own hands, once exalted as expert, trembled weakly at his touch. I began to have the thought that if I let him continue, he would hold too much power over me, and I was right. When he left I couldn't get my mind off of him. The way he controlled every nuance, every inch of me, every essence of my being, orchestrated and played like a fine instrument. His smell, his taste, the feel of his skin under my nails, all of these things drove me.

My hands inadvertently slipped down the front of my skirt, stopping at the hem, caressing a sweaty thigh, just the thought of him had caused this reaction.

What else do you want from me?

The mood in the room shifted a bit. I guess it did sound a bit worrisome, like maybe I had something to do with his disappearance. Truth be known I didn't want him to be found. Maybe then I could fall back into a normal routine without the constant ache for his touch. But maybe, I would never be the same. I knew I wasn't the only female that would be questioned. The lobby was full of tarts waiting to be extruded for information. How did I get myself involved like this?

The detectives all stared at me as if I should feed their now raging sexual needs. One was being very professional, standing in the back, looking at me as if he knew I was holding back information. His demeanor read as if he also knew how to drag it out of a woman. I would watch him closely.

For now they were done with me and I was free to go. Certainly straight home to finish what the retelling of my encounters with a missing man had started within me. It would be a long hot night.

to be continued......