Wednesday, July 11, 2012



The day was passing me by. I watched the sun go down last night and meander up this morning in silent defiance. The world spins, selfish moments pass, even if we wish for them not to. Last night was spent writing seductive tales starring the men of my every fantasy. Their heat warmed me as my pen, celebrating dominatrix prose, guided them in a not so gentle way to please.

I had been contemplating my own release for a few hours, sensual thoughts were doing flawless pirouettes in my mind. My fingers slowly commenced circling my most private and sweetest spots as a way for me to jump start an otherwise droll 24 hours alone. My motions were choreographed to the sound of my own breathing and staggered blissful sighs. The house was completely still, it was almost as if it had taken a cue from me, wrapped in a quiet moment of ecstasy, lingering closer and closer to the edge, until the doorbell rang.


I remembered at that moment about the delivery I had to sign for, I could not miss this courier. I quickly jetted out of bed, grabbing a thin, pink robe for cover.

"Just a minute please."

I held the two sides of the robe together loosely, my nipples clearly enjoying the sliding of satin against them. One hand wriggled through my hair, haphazardly trying to pull myself together for the courier. I was wishing he had been just a few moments later and I could have lingered within myself. But as I saw him, I was glad this was the moment he had chosen to arrive. Tall and dark with the lightest of blue eyes always served as a direct trigger to my arousal. I could tell by his expression that he was enjoying my scantily clad presence.

"I, uh, just need a signature here please."

His voice was deep and tentative as he wielded the electronic clipboard. I knew letting go of my robe to sign would offer him a view of me that should be held private from a stranger, but I wouldn't let this stop me from letting go today.

He was delivering sneak preview copies of the erotic novel I had just gotten published.

He smiled as I took the delivery and he took me all in.

"Wait please, I have something for you, it's my first novel." I said, allowing the wind to let my robe dance free.

I quickly ripped the package open to retrieve a book and handed it to him with full eye contact. He took it and smiled as he turned to walk away, not yet pulling it from the protective sleeve.

"I'll see you tomorrow about this same time then." I called out with a giggle.

He looked confused for a moment. I saw him pull the sleeve off my book and look down at the title.  He glanced back just as I closed the door purposefully behind me to finish my prior engagement with myself.

The first issue of "Rock Candy Mornings" was now in the hands of my future lover.