Monday, December 6, 2010

Flasher story: Private Dancer

This is certainly not the direction I would have pictured my life racing impetuously toward. I guess my mom's "sickness" as she called it, jaded me a bit. I would watch her get ready for hours, transfixed by the layers of make-up that helped her become someone else. She needed attention, sensuality and mostly to be wanted, deeply wanted, I got that. Dad was always gone on "business trips", even then, I knew what that meant. Mom accepted this as her life and he ruled it for now, but she started twisting herself into another world, one that she did the dominating in.

I was the oldest, just barely in my teens when she started to confide in me, I assumed she couldn't do that with anyone else without being judged. She would share details of the men she "escorted" saying that she was nothing but professional with them, I saw her when she would stumble in, I knew this was not always true.

When she was drunk, she gave me details of steamy late night encounters and I took unabridged notes. The power she harnessed intrigued me. The regulars would buy her bobbles and shiny bits, they also became friends and confidants for her, I met a few of them that she felt could be trusted around me.

One in particular had less than honorable intentions, but I was craving this, I needed to see what passioned secrets could overtake me, his hazel eyes and dark hair only sealed the deal. I met him behind our luxury apartment in a skirt much too tight for my age. He drove up in a black stretch Limo, its dark lines were sexy and strong, as he opened the door, his cologne seduced me.

I stepped into a moment with him that defines me to this day, I was my mother's child now.

I didn't feel embarrassed touching him through his pleated dress slacks, in fact the opposite overtook me, he would call my name, he would wonder where I had gained such skill at this young age.

I heard the partition wall slowly edge down, he started to voice direction to the driver.

"Circle the downtown park", his authoritative voice advised.

"Leave the window down" I whispered, looking right into the eyes of a willing voyeur.

My gentleman looked startled at my request, but did not disagree to the action. He was aware that this would be my game, I would handle the details. Taking him in my hands, feeling the heat in my mouth, the sweet taste on his tip, instantly whet my every desire. He begged me to stop, but I would prove too powerful a force, he let go in my mouth, I would drink in this moment. Him pulsing deeply in my mouth, made my hands wander under my skirt to slowly start my own seduction. Hearing the driver engage in his own fantasy, while peering over the window, elevated the erotic nature even more.

"Taste me now"

He threw me up on the bench seat caressing my legs all the way down while opening them to partake in me. My moans of pleasure sang out as the windows steamed up with our heat, he bit softly and sucked my clit feverishly. He rode my body up to kiss and undress me completely. I felt him again, hard and strong, I wanted him now, I would have him.

The driver groaned and shut the window for his own moment, I giggled at thought of pleasing him without touch.

My seduced man was beautiful, he was staring at me as if I was a prize to be won. His hands were a flurry of activity and I sucked each finger slowly when his hand grazed my cheek. A forceful thrust blew my mind with ecstasy and he kept each a bit stronger than the last until I gripped his ass and held him tightly in place. His bonus release sent me over the top and I clawed the seat to hold on while the waves surged through me.

"What the fuck,,, where in the hell have you been all my life?" he said with a tensed giggle.

Today I stand in control of my sexuality, a highly compensated dancer of the finest caliber, only professional when I WANT to be. Some would be shocked at the unorthodox guidance given by a scorned mother, but I think she saw the same longing in my eyes, the same need for sexual control. She would never want for anything in her 80 years, neither would I do without the finest of possessions. I hold my head high in the path that I have chosen to lead, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Every night I kiss a locket that holds an image of my beautiful mother, I close my eyes and thank her for every dance life offers me.

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