Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interlude Entertainment...

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Subtle nuances of you linger, as you haunt my existence
Your music serenades me, I find new tones with your absence
Replaying lost motions, that once were shared, alone, I scream
Solemn in wait, praying for breath to co-mingle, it's silent here now
Still I finish the chapter, in a book set aside, too wary to continue
The ending, prolific, me alone again crying, no tears there for you
This time, I let go, destroying the transcripts, new ones being painted
The smiles and laughter, the strongest foundation, simple in nature
Storyline building, my dreams play author, who needs happy endings
This end signifies, a beginning journey, eye opening and entrancing
Awaken the hunt, for what lay ahead, and the hand held to get there

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Moving in unison while the world stands still
All I hear is your breathing, all I feel is breaths air
There is strength in your longing, raged lust in your eyes
You tell me you love me, I drink in all your lies

4 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

this was so fucking powerful on so many levels...

so many levels....

Jake the Snake said...

It doesn't all have to be naughty words, or anything of the sort. You can do so much just keeping the story open, and sexy like this... Loving it.

Great work sweetheart.

mac said...

I know the feeling :(

Donna Hole said...

Oh yeah. Makes me wish I had a door on my cuby.