Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cycle

His skin was soft and warm. Maybe I felt it was a safe haven from the rest of the bitter cold. Is that why I tried so hard to nourish it? I touched him and he responded coldly. Not at first but as the time went on he stayed lost in himself. The heat from his breath still awakened me from my sensual slumber and left me wanting. I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered to him of a safe place in my heart. He could let go and be lost there enveloped in rapture. He chose anger. He chose words of abrasion. His eyes were empty and I chose to flee. My heart stumbling in my chest, running, dark hair flowing like kite tails on a windy summer day.

She lay there holding onto the wall she had built. Dark hair caressing my skin. I touched her and I could visibly see the fear travel her arm. She glowed with sensuality but I would not show the prowess to enter that world fully. We lingered on the outside of heaven for so long. I tried to break her through with me as I held shields in place as well. Her scars were too deep. I gave of my self for as long as I could. Her eyes were empty and I chose to leave. Holding my pride and tears back. Long legs barely touching the ground as I ran.

His long limbs lay motionless on a layer of black silk. His eyes testing me as I dug into his core. I held strong but compassionately as I felt the life come back to his chest. Beating strongly, rhythmically in unison with mine. Who had hurt him so bad that he hid from himself. Would I ever break through to him more than just this physical manifestation? His eyes glowed of hope so I stayed. Lost in him, lost in hope, just lost. The beginning of rapture and release was on the horizon. We two souls were protected from the pain found in yearning for love and safety.

The cycle had been broken.

But the original players search on coldly. They master the art, restarting the sequence and fostering the spoils.

It is important to recognize which part of the puzzle you are.

Are you stifling the progress of the heart? Scared of your own past and future. Held captive.

Let go.

Are you next to start the game once again? Killing the hope of the innocent beneath you.

Let go.

Are you the one trying to break through? Building a strong foundation, stopping the motion.

Hold on.

You are the answer to a question that is asked each moment.

Who will break the cycle?

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