Monday, January 4, 2010

The Maze

When I was a rat in a maze I always felt comfort in knowing that at least I was being watched from above. Someone was monitoring my movements and tracking my path. They could possibly leave clues of direction or even take me out of the maze to "time out" if they so desired. This was an invasion of privacy but yet it still felt desirable next to the option of being alone and not in the spotlight of acceptable actions. I was guided well until I could guide myself.

I am the maze keeper now. Age and determination have brought that to me. I watch my own captive desires run in and out of warrens and well lit passageways. Always meandering closer to entrapment or rapture. They are fed well with material things and stimulated just enough to be interesting in nature. Everyday is the same for them as they act in accordance to the laws and regulations set forth for them. You need not be conscience of thought or planning when all is laid out before you. You will be thankful for the bounty and relish the thought of NO thought.

Lately there has been a turn around of events. I have had to free some of the captive before they tarnish the rest with their rogue actions. They were climbing over the maze to retrieve their worth instead of laboring through. One would demonstrate and three would follow suit. Celebrating at the end and disrespectful of the plotted course. Yet I was released from the maze for just such actions. Free thought and a willingness to face consequences. But I was not aware of the transition at the time. It was just a natural course of direction that we all come across at one time or another.

I was given this position and now am leader of my command. Accepting my fate and praying for a better outcome. This is much more intensive in position. Shall I give a hand to those views demonstrating the strength of will and desire. Shall I put them back into the cage of society blinded and alone for their defiance of the charted path. Bury the very essence of who we need to become.

I am not a God. I am not a president or great headstrong military leader. I rule my own territory. I am the master of my own desires and actions. I control them in each minute. I will not hold back the progress of my dreams and visions. I will allow those thoughts to jump the walls and see what transpires. I will destroy the maze and let the open area communicate it's will.

Remain in the maze holding the keys or restore your freedom with them. The fear of using the power keeps it safely hidden away from us.

2 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

The Invisible Seductress said...

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mac said...

This is a lot like my religious deconversion.

I broke free from those confines. I did not need the feelings of supervision, aloneness does not frighten me.

I live my life free from gods and seek neither their approval nor fear their disapproval. My maze has been shattered :-)