Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Short Story Time: Sensual Awakenings


was a small town girl with a passion for the unknown and the strength to make things happen. She worked hard but always found herself missing out in the "play hard" arena. For lack of a better word she was stagnant. But St. Patrick's day was coming up and she decided to spoil herself with a trip to Savannah. She planned every detail with giddy anticipation. This was going to be a time to let loose and let desires rise like the steam from a newly poured mug of coffee.

She was single, young and jaw dropping gorgeous, a deadly combination in a highly charged celebration town. There were no restrictions and no judgments would be cast on less than angelic behavior. Jazen dreamed of finding someone to settle down with one day. But this was not the time for that. This was the time to act on passion and dance with the devils of danger. She could have never imagined what would happen and how it would change her sensuality.


There were a few things Jazen wanted to accomplish in the two weeks allotted for vacation in Savannah. One was to not know anyone and the other was to get to know someone. She had even changed her wardrobe to reflect a different character role. Business suits with tight skirts and heels turned vampy black and disheveled in just the right spots. Her usual flair for finer attire was thrown behind in lieu of the darker side she kept cleverly buttoned up.

Walking on the edge was new to her and she was nervous but there was an ache deep inside for this outlet and it had spoken unanswered for too long. She would wear her hair down and her make-up heavy with crimson blood colored lips and nails. She would personify dark and mysterious and be a little bit of a bitch, which made her smile. She bit her lip thinking about a shadowed stranger in an alley coming up on her slowly and slamming her against the brick. Hands warm and uninvited, breath tickling her neck as her heart beats dangerously fast. Bodies of strangers as one in the chilly evening air. She let out a muffled sigh, took a bite at a pencil she was fidgeting with and came quickly back to the reality of a normal work day.

"You gonna just sit there snacking on that pencil Jazen or do you think we could actually GO to this meeting?"

"Don't be an ass Tom, I'll be there in a minute" she sarcastically replied while breaking the pencil in two.

Tom was in love with her, he was open about it and when she didn't return his feelings he turned into a nightmare to work with. She was perceived as all business but she had mistakenly shown him a glimpse of something else, now he was enchanted. One dark stormy day in the staircase at work, one slip of the hand to a garter with no panties, a few moans later, he was hers. She thought about stringing him along for sex, after all she did love sex and he was adept, but he would be an everyday liability if she did. She also thought it was almost too much fun fantasizing about it, so she withheld from him and sex, for too long. Now she found herself needing to play and be played. Her male friend said she had her "kitty on a pedestal" but that just made her want to hold out longer hoping the tease was worth the ache.

"Kitty is jumping down, and she's Hungry!" she growled as her friend begged to go with her to watch, she prodded openly at his weakness.

Tomorrow she would leave for Savannah and do what she wished with everyone she wished to do it with. The mere thought of release was empowering. She wondered if she could play this fantasy out. Her pale colored boy shorts had the days of the week printed on them, hardly the sign of a hardened seductress, and the fact that she wore them on the "proper" days made her laugh out loud.

"Well "Blazin' Jazen", it's all you now!" she smiled as she gave herself a nod to the past, and finished packing to prepare for an adventure in the future.

9 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

mac said...

She might find that she doesn't want to go home again.

It happened to a young boy I knew. He left his family home years ago, traveled the world, tasted of human flesh and liked it.

The boy and I shared a body, you see.
I was he,
but he was never me.

Anonymous said...

oh what a wicked tale we weave...

The Invisible Seductress said...

Mac-not sure if I can finish it actually..Hmmmm at least not to what my minds eye sees..

Sir Thomas I may have to leave the stories to you.sigh You are much more adept at them,,and we would go to Alaska on our trip,,under the mystery of the Northern Lights...wink

Copyboy said...

Big fan of your titillating tales. BTW...I gave you a well-deserved shout-out on my blog today. http://jesseacohen.blogspot.com/2010/02/lame-blogger-gives-many-thanks-for.html

Copyboy said...

Big fan of your titillating tales. BTW...I gave you a well-deserved shout-out on my blog today. http://jesseacohen.blogspot.com/2010/02/lame-blogger-gives-many-thanks-for.html

The Invisible Seductress said...

Thanks Jesse--- I really appreciate that!! HUGS

mac said...

To finish it....

It tastes just like chicken ;-)

Anonymous said...

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The Invisible Seductress said...

Thanks Anon!! That means a lot to me!!! :}