Saturday, February 27, 2010


That was it, the spot, Yes, you hit it!
Have you been practicing?

Heated passion, fiery rage,
It's all there, you found it!

How accomplished you must feel to have once owned it.
It's not yours now but you have fueled it.

It burns stronger now for the unknown.
Yearning for the touch of a master, so unlike you.

Still alive, still wanting, ever alert against the unworthy.
Until it is killed again, only to be nurtured back to life once more.

Follow me down the hall, you whispered,
taking my hand to hurry me along.
The room is black, I see by touch,
legs, chest, mouth, I take you in.
Innocence lost in the shuffle,
but were we really expecting any less?
Your breath deepens, mine fades.
As we part you laugh.
It's what it was supposed to be,
no names-no face-no spirit.
When you leave I laugh.
I once thought I knew you,
now I pray I don't.

The walls close in, breathing of fear,
taunting, judging, exploring me.
I exhale slowly producing moist heat
soothing, calming, the only sense of life.
Hands of ghosts touch quivering flesh,
pulling, scratching, making me bleed.
The room goes black, enveloped once more,
arching, positioning, body writhing for power.
Fingers cover eyes and wrap tightly around my neck,
squeezing, caressing, softly now cradling me
Covering my mouth with a disrupting peace,
begging, praying, crying for absolution.
The light pools, focusing deep on my heart,
changing, controlling, awakening me from darkness.
The walls open up surrendering breath back to me,
gasping, inhaling, I have no fear left.

My poems NEVER rhyme,
I think of this all the time!
But something just doesn't sound fun,
'bout sounding like Suess when you're done!
But maybe I'll give it a shot,
and show grade school kids what I've got!
and maybe I'll even be smart,
rhyming with "Orange" just to set me apart!!!

3 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

mac said...

If they're like this they don't need to rhyme.

Pacing and passion are much more important. You've demonstrated those well.

Very well!

Anonymous said...

lessons learned...

teach me....

The Invisible Seductress said...

Thanks Mac--I needed that!!! hug

Sir Thomas- your words seduce me every time I read them!