Monday, May 10, 2010

Missing- Part 2

(please play music and read slowly)

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I had just gotten out of the shower as the door was being pounded on. There was an urgency that I could feel through the repetitive nature of the rapping. I grabbed a small towel and dabbed drops away from my face while combing my hair back with tensed fingers. I looked out the peephole to see the detective standing as stone in the breezeway of my condo. His features chiseled, eyes intent and dark. He was masterfully designed and left afterthoughts of things I wanted to do to him, playing in my mind.

I knew why he was here. Still more questions of my involvement in this case lingered with him. He sensed a strong attraction and claim between me and my missing lover, perhaps so strong that I was responsible. He was very intuitive indeed.

I opened the door unapologetic to my lack of attire or shame. I saw him swallow at the sight of me, I smile knowingly. Another lover had been in the back dressing quickly to return to class at the local college. Her hair, still dripping and wild, fed trails of water down her bronzed cleavage, dampening the slight sun dress she was gracing.

She was a heavenly creation of a woman that moments ago I was tasting every inch of, her sweetness, still dancing on my tongue. Edging by me, she coyly stops to kiss me full on, leaving even more of her taste with me, before tracing her fingers down my bare side. Then, making sure she owned his gaze, she passes him seductively, brushing hard against him in just the right spots. His mind is entwined in fantasy as he watches her, hypnotized by the lure of her shape sauntering down the hallway and out of sight.

"She was fucking amazing!" I told him, in muted recap of our activities.

I don't think he knew what to say to that, the situation seemed to catch him off guard. He looked intently on me with many questions and a hidden desire he wouldn't speak to, as of yet.

"This is my card, you can call any time you feel a need" he said strongly, knowing these words had dual meaning.

He turned quickly before clearing his throat and vanishing in the same shadows as the girl evaporated into moments ago. Suspicion must be high on me for him to have stopped by unannounced. I knew he had not accomplished what he set out to do with me, neither had I with him. There was still the mystery of a missing person to unravel, a man I had plans to make use of many more times.

I thought things were very much in my control at this point.

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Things aren't always what they appear to be.

2 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Donna Hole said...


I really dig that last line. Now I'm all set up for a simple mistake on her part.

Love the video too. Your pictures tell the story, but aside from that visual, the writing is strong and I see her clearly.

A good read. The tension is building slowly from the last offering. I'm enjoying this series.


The Invisible Seductress said...

I am so glad you are Donna! I have been dreaming about this character...She's spicy and vulnerable.. ;)