Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing Part 5

We are getting close to the ending, better read up parts 1-4 to make any sense of it..

Enjoy.. I hope it makes you bite someone!!


Missing Part 5

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He was still next to me when the sun broke through the crack in the curtains. His breathing was calmed now, I didn't move, he was too close for me to risk waking him and losing that wet heat between us. I had never felt like this about another, this time it was more than the ceiling lifting orgasms, more than the lust, it was deeper, it had a pureness, even in these tangled circumstances. It was risky, him still being here, being here at all for that matter, we both had a destination and were not supposed to meet in the middle on this beaten path.

His touch grew alive, his fingers now grazing my leg and up to my chest. He sent me a smile and a chill went through me.

"That's the way to wake up" I whispered.

"I was just thinking the same sappy thing, but you know, I do have to leave."

"Yes" I gave in begrudgingly, "I do".

The moment then stopped, he took my breath in and gave it back fresher, his kiss turned me ravenous again, he countered that nicely with the force of his tongue.


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"Do something for me" he asked, controlling the speed of my heartbeat.

"Lay perfectly stilled on top of me for a moment, let me feel your thoughts through your skin".

"There's something between us" We both smiled, knowing it meant two different things.

"What should we do with it?"

I took him all inside, in more ways then one, he tried not to move, I laid in heavenly suspension above him. Soft touches serenaded the air around us, I bit down on the curve of his neck when he made the slightest move inside of me, the closest to rapture I had ever felt. A few slow deep circles and we gave in.

And then he was gone.

I was alone again in myself, wondering where my real loyalties lay. A few moments later, there was a pounding on the door. I ran, thinking he had come back and I could steal one more heated breath, it was not him at the door.

"What the fuck did you just do?" Anger surged through him. "Where is the hard core bitch that had it all worked out? Risking yourself is one thing, you fuck this up and we both go down, this was not the plan, you stupid, stupid bitch!"

I stood naked at the door, exposed to the eyes of reality and anger, shaking.

"I need out, I'm sorry" I muttered, very aware of the absurd simplistic nature of the sentence.

"This isn't a grade school game, you can't just tag out! There is more to be done, you are a main character in this investigation, I suggest we go to the station, NOW!"

I could tell this was not a request, but a demand, I agreed I would meet him there at 3, and hoped that I had some sort of intelligent solution by then.

Tears cut through cheeks sometimes..

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..without leaving a mark anywhere..

..except your heart.

I knew things were going to get a little messy from here.

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Anonymous said...

omg there is some hot shit in here.... and some of this rings so very near too somethoughts i have been having but with a wicked twist.....


Red Shoes said...

That first photo up there... wow... really goes great with your writing!!