Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short Story Time: Sensual Awakenings (2)

When Jazen arrived in Savannah it was raining and late. She had set up a reservation at a Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of town. Her intention was to be unnoticed during the day and a sexual force at night. But she was nervous and questioning.

The B&B was shabby at best, it's only highpoint was that it was warm and off the beaten path. The owner chaperoned Jazen up squeaking stairs while prodding intentions and smelling of waffles and day old beer. She was a rounded figure of layered yarns and linen with a gruff voice and shaking hands.

"The walls are very thin here, if you know what I mean dear."

"No whistling,, yup,, got it!" Jazen replied, not amusing her company.

"Oh, and this is just a bed,, not so much a breakfast" the owner countered snidely while opening the door to the quarters.

When the room was in view the owner vanished, Jazen sighed deeply. It was a seedy room with little charm and even an even smaller amount of cleanliness. Still, it was cheap and she would make the best of it. Jazen found herself shaking her head because under closer inspection of her surroundings, she found every item possible was setting on a smoke stained but very ornate doily, even the half full ashtrays. A bizarre tribute to homeyness she assumed.

The first night there would be spent wide eyed and fantasizing between scratchy sheets, rain serenading the silence.

As the early morning sun shone through the torn velvet curtains, her cell started screaming on the side table beside her, a startling start to a long day. It was her "kitty on the pedestal" friend Ian.

"Hello, slut" Ian joked at her expense.

"Great way to wake up, such sweet encouraging words you give! You should see this place Ian, I am scared!" Jazen said giggling.

"Listen, you need to be careful Jaz, turn on the news, a local girl is missing, it doesn't look good."

"Awww, you love me!!!" She said not knowing how true it was.

"Just be careful, I'll call later and check up on you, you sure you want to stay?"

"I have to do this, I need this, I mean,,, I don't know......"

"Well, let's talk about it in a bit, maybe we can meet up."

Ian had a certain powerful charm. They had met years ago and "almost" fit, but they were in different spots in their lives. He had strong feelings for her and wanted more, she felt the same of him but never let on.

Jazen would always found a way to negate longings for men, afraid they would scare them away. And now, as she lay alone, she thought of Ian touching her. Those thoughts turned quickly into actions, spurring movements of slow wet fingers traveling purposefully. Slumbered moans change loudly to sighs of release as she hit all the right buttons, legs quivering with excitement, nipples swelling in the crisp morning air.

Perhaps Ian's call was not only a warning, but an awakening to the truth of their relationship. Was he what she needed or was this dark fantasy of strangers and masochistic encounters her true desire? Either way it would be fed, in more ways than one.

3 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

mac said...

A wake up call?

Ring, Ring !

Anonymous said...

breathing heavy now thanks to you....

The Invisible Seductress said...

Mac-hope it was a good one!!

Sir- kinda tit for tat here..only you are not scared to "go there" in your writings. I am still learning that part. But I figure if my writings make me want alone time-they must be OK.....shrug wink