Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In the silence, I hear your breath, it's never quiet there
In the dark, I still feel your heat, penetrating frigid air
In the hollows of a memory, someplace too vast to go
You kindle hope, and linger there, for what, I'll never know

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He parted my lips with his tongue
Looking up at me, stealing my gaze
He kept me still with his force
I lay helplessly, not struggling free
The moment rushed in and I lost it................

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............I lost all control, any knowledge of time
I lost all my senses, any reason or rhyme
I lost all the reasons, I should've made him leave
I lost all the lies and now I believe
I kicked him away, then pulled him back fast
I took him inside and I know it won't last

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How long have I been falling into darkness
Swirling around in my own negativity
How abruptly you hit bottom
When did I stop holding on
Rocking back and forth
There's comfort in repetition
It’s all repetition now
The same smiles-
The same words-
The chills that linger-
The scars abhorred-
Do it again-
Touch it again-
It’s all repetition-
There’s comfort in repetition.

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Don't listen to a word I say, I'm jaded
The words are tainted, laced with love, that's faded
I guess I read more into you, stop faking
But if you have a true heart to give, I'm taking

3 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

It all I could do to hold on to this roller coaster ride through
The halls of your soul it took me up and then down, delighted me and devastated
Me and left me laying on the ground wanting to be taken

Anonymous said...

That is very good. *Bump* Ooops, is that your ship?

The Invisible Seductress said...