Sunday, April 25, 2010




Black finger nails, chipped at the ends, feeling slightly naughty.
Dark eyeliner, just a little smudged, but we'll just call it "smokey".
Hair such a mess, from tumbling around, in the act of not sleeping.
Fishnets snagged, torn away from flesh, high heels dropping quickly.
Glasses half empty, bottles fully gone, air smells of liqueur.
Just me alone, because you never showed, now I just look trashy.
I'll take the time, to settle my own score, I bite my lip and get there.
I didn't need you, In this I am proficient, my hands become my lover.
Room fills with smoke, music slow, jazzy, you walk in with reasons.
I just laugh and leave, licking your neck before I go:

"Meet me in the shower"

You see, I wasn't done, and now, I'll make you pay,,,

...................aren't you glad you're not an angel??

2 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

holy shit Seductress what is it that you do to me without the thought in mind? or is it... damn it this is hot and makes me want to rip anything you put on, right back off again....


mac said...

Why ever would anyone be late?

I'd be about 10 hours early!