Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naughty Thoughts

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Don't talk to me. I didn't ask for your words. Just do what you are told, and I will make you smile. But it's not about you. Sorry to let you down. There are certain perks to this longing and I am sure you can figure them out. Why so soft, I won't break, I can't feel it if you don't cut deeper. This is not the time for cuddling. I need to feel your breaking point. I want to taste your power. Scream if I tell you, hold back if I don't. Let me control you. Can you do that? Can you close your eyes and be hunted by a masterful predator? Your hands are trembling because you are in love. This is not about love. I didn't ask you to love me tonight. I need you on your knees. Bleeding for me. Yearning so deeply that your mind erases everything you know about making love. We can make love tomorrow. Tonight you tear into me ravenously and I you. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you want. I will laugh. I will lick my lips and devour you. I will cut you with my tongue, each muscle throbbing at the sensation of my heat. I will look up at you with the eyes of an angel, using the touch of the devil. You will feast at my alter and drink me in slowly. Feel each ripple flow through me. Add to the wetness you have produced. Now fall. Just breathe. Grip your hands around my waist and throw me down. All strength is gone. Sleep well.

Tomorrow we will make love.

6 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

mac said...

From passion, bodies reeling.
Yes, I know the feeling.
These thoughts are so appealing
I wanna hang from the ceiling,
shouting, "Baby, these are the cards I'm dealing!"

And, no. I don't mind kneeling

Anonymous said...

I have felt this feeling before.. It is a feeling that takes us to places we have never been and most likely never will be again... i mean we might come close... but never again... if I..... *sighs*

mac said...


Anonymous said...

"tomorrow we will make love"

What is the difference between such hot moment and a love moment?
What make you think that today we are not doing love and tomorrow we will do?
Why you think I will want to do love tomorrow and not want another night like this?

The Invisible Seductress said...

You are right David! Just a little role play I suppose..;}

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I think I mixed up a bit in what I meant, should have been clearer. Actually I did not expect you to agree with me.

I tried to imagine the moment you've described, and, instead of playing the role of man dominated by your seduction, I wanted to show that I would be in control.

More or less like this: We two lying on each other, my mouth close to your ear whispered, while you, breathlessly, regained your breath again "Baby, do not program what we will do tomorrow. When we approach, we burn. Our bodies have their own will. Love, passion and lust get mixed into one thing. Let it flow and I'll show you today, tomorrow and any other day, all the wonders that you makes me imagine.

I am saying all this because I think your text very cool, very inspiring, very imaginative, something I wish my girlfriend had said to me. I think is beautiful!