Thursday, March 18, 2010


You tore off my wings with one yank then questioned,
"why don't you fly anymore?"
You starred in my nightmares then wondered so stupidly,
"why did you fail in your dreams?"
You cut to the core of my soul with a smile and asked,
"why are you so flat?"
You took all my hunger and fed it with hate but,
"why am I so thin?"
You stared at me seething until I looked away, asking,
"why are you so afraid?"
You angered me, to the point of redirection but
"why did I wait so long?"
You made me stronger in ways you can't fathom, yet
"why don't I feel indebted?"
You took all I had but then I got my wings back,
"why didn't I fight from the start?"
You kneel there pathetic, asking for pardon and
"why would I give that to you?"
You thought I lost everything I had to offer but
You never saw what I found!!


Another life ago, I believed in happy endings
and I thought I was safe in the mask.
Another life ago, I dreamt of finding true love
and I thought I had succeeded that task.
Another life ago, I could see the hope of progress
and I thought it would never end.
Another life ago, my doubt and fears were fading
and I thought my soul would mend.
Another life ago, I wouldn't think I could get stronger
and I'd thought of just letting go.
Another life ago, is gone with each waves crashing
and I know I am glad this is so.


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I stalk you, creeping, watching, ready to pounce,
my every move precise
I want you in my web, motionless, tangled, yearning
for sweet drops of poison
Emerging from sand, scurrying towards my shore,
a first swim in blue waters
Close to the ground, shedding the skin of lost love,
eyes clearing to see
Craving your movements, I sweep down, longing to capture
all you have to give
Patiently still, I await this, an animalistic rendering
of a love that feels complete

(read between the lines now)


2 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

Steve Harkonnen said...

I used to be into poetry and writing....completely lost the spirit!

Anonymous said...

I believe you.... and your words here have a beginning and a ending, a healing with knowledge gained from life and the promise of a bright new day...

the words you used takes us from start to finish like it had us but with only seconds passing.... I feel exhausted but yet hungry for more...