Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dark Interlude Entertainment

You there, staring at me, what do you think you know?
And you, I know, you've asked before, not knowing how far to go.

I told no one and no one saw, I took it all in stride.
I crept in darkness, silently, on the floor, collapsed and cried.

It went on like this for far to long as I tried to make it right.
Pretend it's normal, I deserved the rage, still too scared to fight.

Raping my mind with words of doubt until all passion fled.
Breaking my body with angry hands but it's my soul that really bled.

You're not here now, but always are, somewhere locked deep inside.
In nightmares, visions, lost hope and scars, I always try to hide.

It's gone on like this for far to long, I still try to make it right.
Praying not to flinch, if ever held, and it feels a bit too tight.

To the one, who's asked before, not knowing how far to go.
And also to you, still staring at me, What would you like to know?


She's weak, he's strong, he'll save her
But he's too scared to breathe
He cries each night and clings to her
Then he begins to seethe

She won't give in her heart is strong
But she can't catch her breath
She's strong, he's weak, they all were wrong
She's paid his toll with death

4 Dark Enlightening Thoughts:

The Savage said...

That's some powerful stuff right there.

The Invisible Seductress said...

sorry...sometimes they come out that way..wink

Anonymous said...

My Seductress this had me from the start and god knows i didnt see the ending coming... dark and the picture... so sweetly choosen..

The Invisible Seductress said...

Thanks-----these were close to home and dark but needed to be posted