Monday, March 15, 2010

Short Story Time/St. Patrick's Day Special/Sensual Awakenings 4

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St. Patrick's day had finally arrived and River Street was a buzz with thousands of staggering people herding in every corner awaiting the parade. There was a celebrated news story as well. The little goth run away had been found. Ironically she was the "woman half" of the vociferous couple down the hall at the B&B. They could be heard screaming deftly each night in rapture. Jazen certainly did not remember having sex like that at 17, in fact she had waited until her sophomore year of college. A string of unfaithful boyfriends led to her losing her patience with "the wait". She lost her virginity to a cocky jock who lasted all of 2 seconds inside her screaming "Do IT baby, DO IT BABY!!!". Then, once it was over, he held her, crying "Crocadillian" type tears and proclaiming perpetual love. She broke up with him the next day, he cried again. That's about how her love life had progressed until this point, a lot of build up to a 2 second outcome and tears.

She was excited for the festivities of the day but felt very alone and conflicted. Since the encounter in the alleyway, she also felt hungry for the touch of a man. But it was Ian that was in her mind, not a stranger, she just couldn't shake the fact that she may never have him. She shared with Ian what had happened that night and heard the pitch in his voice change as he tried to joke about it. It had been haunting her, she knew she had to tell him what she was feeling, but how?

She had no idea that Ian had been thinking about her as well......

The day was a beautiful one, sun in full work mode and a nice breeze filled with the petals of the pinkest Azalea bushes she had ever seen. People were smiling and happily coupled up wherever she looked. But Jazen's long iridescent dark hair and searing eyes still garnered unwanted attention with each step she took. She began to feel out of place and wondered why she had chosen to come out in the first place. At least at night there were the shadows of the moon to hide within, now she was fully exposed. She walked to a less populated area and sat on a fountain ledge that was spewing green water. Turning to face the fountain, she took her sandals off and dipped her feet in the fountain's cool pool of water. With her head tilted toward the sun, her long hair floated up, catching the breeze and giving her a chill.

A deep voice interrupted the moment, "SLUT!"

Jazen swirled around nervously.

"IAN!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing here?????" she squealed and jumped up to greet him.

"I came to get laid!! Heard the women here are desperate, they have sex with strangers in alleys and what not!" he said stifling a laugh.

"Well, I,, "

She wasn't sure why, but she broke down in tears as he held her there. The embrace felt so encompassing and gave her back something she hadn't felt for quite some time. Ian just quietly reciprocated, closing his eyes, taking in the scent of her hair and the feel of her body against his.

Everyone else faded away in that moment, no words were needed, as they slowly parted, their eyes caught and the gaze spoke soft words written in only the most eloquent of Sonnets.
He touched her collarbone, then lifted up her chin bringing her towards him quickly. She quivered as their lips met for the first time and she tasted the sweetness of his tongue against hers. Deeply and passionate they continued, until realizing the wind had changed direction and caught the water from the fountain, dousing them fully with it's green spray. Laughing, Ian wiped a wet strand from Jazen's face, she lost her train of thought in his touch. His brown hair and chiseled features were even more stunning on this day, but it was his eyes, painted in the deepest shade brown and flecked with gold, that stole her breath away from her.

He spoke softly with the strictest of purpose, "We need to talk, I think we've been getting this all wrong".

Jazen smiled to him like a sweet song he had never heard before and shook her head in agreement as he brushed another dark strand from her cheek. They spent the day running with laughter, in the foot steps of a love they could never imagine would be theirs, stealing kisses in every shadow and waiting impatiently for the night to fall.

To be continued.......

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The Savage said...


Anonymous said...

to be continued hell!!!! I want more now..

the sweet taste of of the tongues first kiss...

and stolen all through out the day

damn it... I didnt want this to end... oh the taste

Tara said...

Hot, sexy, and sweet. Nice!

Amalia T. said...

I like the way you used pictures to illustrate the story as you went! Happy St. Patrick's day!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage--thanks--I think sluterotic is a great compliment--xoxo

Sir-I will give you more...wink

Tara- Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Amalia- I love that part-almost as fun as writing the story--

Happy St Pats everyone!!

Jon Paul said...

A lot of nice images in the language, along with the well chosen pics, made this a fun, offbeat read.

Thanks for putting it up and Happy St. Pat's!