Sunday, March 7, 2010

Short Story Time: Sensual Awakenings (3)

St. Patricks day was about a week away and already the little town of Savannah was bursting at the seams with tourists and college kids ready for the next cheap thrill. Jazen sat stagnate, still trying to pull herself together for the kill, or so to speak.

News reporters and crew were everywhere following leads of a local girls disappearance, her cherub face could be seen on every channel you tuned and her name spoken on every breath in town. She was 17, the daughter of one of the town's most prominent business men. It was now being slated as a runaway tale. She was said to be rebelling with her new "goth" boyfriend in tow. Jazen was glued to this girls eyes, she swore she could see pain in every picture flashed in the media. She knew there was more to the story, but somehow knew it wasn't an issue for her safety as Ian had initially warned.

Another "warning" also stayed prevalent in her head, thin walls. As the B&B's occupancy rates raised for the holiday, so did the moans of pleasure from the other rooms. One room down the hall was curiously loud. That couple had been there since Jazen first arrived, but she had never seen them. She was jealous knowing that the sexual positions and techniques in that room were being properly executed.

She had left her "toy" at home with the thought of not needing it, but now questioned that decision as her hands grew tired in midst of her own play, which she, for some reason, could not get enough of. She had built this sexual adventure up so grand it encompassed her, every thought was of fulfilling her needs. Tonight she would vamp up and go out on the prowl. But not before one more "self-service session" she thought, throwing the covers over her head and grasping the sheets in her hand.

Ready now?

A few hours of preparation later Jazen was sitting on the bed pulling up airy black thigh highs over freshly tanned and shaved legs. Right leg, then left, she began playfully scissoring them in the air, giggling as she thought out loud: "It seems a shame to cover such masterpieces!!". Plotting for seduction, she decided to take off the thigh highs and opted for the lure of soft skin instead.

"Mmmm, much better" she mumbled as she stroked her lean thighs.

Her hair was wild, wispy pieces falling into her face and sticking on her blood red lip stain. She had paid special attention to her eyes, smudging coal black liner precisely and highlighting with glimmer. She had even placed a crystal gem in each corner for added sparkle, 3 coats of the blackest mascara later, and she was perfected.

Her black corset was tightened methodically, amping up an already rounded bosom, dusted with Jasmine scented sparkles. The corset was laced taut with purple ribbon and nipped at the end with a lavish bow, a little girly and out of place with the rest of the outfit. A tight skirt with a line of hook and eye closures, sure to tempt even the saintliest of men, almost finished off the look, but it was the pair of towering high heels that added the last bit of sex. She was amazing and she knew it. Even still, butterflies welled up in her belly and her voice cracked as she prodded herself to leave the safety of the room.

At the pub, she purposely went straight for the bar not making eye contact with any of the men that were openly ogling her. She floated to a stool and requested a double Jack and Coke, needing a quick buzz to open her up a bit. The man next to her was charming enough, but a little too straight laced for her. But he, not sensing her disapproval, went straight in with a droll line of questioning.

"You from around here" he asked simply.


"Where you from then?"

"Not from around here" she reestablished coyly.

"Well, I'll leave you alone, I was just making small talk" He said while turning his back a bit.

Jazen then noticed that he was actually VERY handsome and in a strange way, looked like he was hiding something. She changed her line of thinking, perhaps if not too late, she would try to talk to him again. She reached out and placed her hand on his arm, feeling the shape of toned muscles beneath his thin shirt.

"I'm sorry, I'm just nervous tonight, I'm from Chicago, just here for two weeks" she uttered, adding a sweet smile to tempt him.

"I'm Ted" he said turning to face her once more.

Ted, ack, even his name was square! None-the-less she felt she could dominate him, and bitch really wasn't her style, so she continued.

"I'm Jazen, you want to dance,,, Ted?" she spoke, almost laughingly.

As they strutted to the dance floor she felt a little more relaxed and pushed herself up against him demanding his attention. There were no words, just a lingering touch and eye contact ensuring that they both were hungry for more. They went on like this for hours, stopping only briefly to refuel with copious amounts of alcohol.

Her head was swimming in dark thoughts of sensuality so she took his arm and pulled him out to the alley behind the bar. Stopping suddenly, she gave him an elusive smile and let out a playful grunt while she slammed him against the wall. He was shocked but surprisingly adept at handling the situation. Their mouths met in a fiery kiss as he slipped his hands up her skirt forcefully. The soft movement of his tongue against hers and the harshness of his grip on her thigh aroused her. With one swift motion, he flipped her around and forced her into the position he had started in. She adjusted her stance and kicked one leg back to the wall, opening herself up further to him. Moments lapsed as he entered her with his fingers and let out a muffled sigh. She felt like satin, hot and wet with desire and he was transfixed. Her hand traveled down releasing his formidable size and forcing all of him inside her. They moved violently. She gasped as her back scratched deeply against the brick. It was both pain and pleasure, being experienced with a stranger, just like she had envisioned. He could no longer keep control and moaned in her ear the sound of pure release. She joined him seconds later, letting out a long sigh and then a laugh that echoed down the alley way.

"That was fucking amazing" he stammered, still shaking.

Jazen coldly fixed herself, letting loose one last seductive glance before turning to walk away. He stood in the night begging for her information and where he could meet her next. She never looked back and he didn't follow.

The moon babysat her, beams of light kissing her shoulders as she began to skip childishly into the night. She spotted a cab waiting by a large hotel and smiled, deciding she would run and steal it. The cab driver asked no questions as he could tell she would have given no answers.

She knew this is what it was supposed to feel like, unbridled, unrestrained and unimaginably sexy, and knew, she would have more.

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Anonymous said...

You know it’s a funny thing… I to have lived in the Savannah area which is full of mystical erotic adventure.. Maybe I too will write about the place someday..

But until then… I have you… I mean your stories… *grins*

Oh damn this is hot…

The Invisible Seductress said...

Hot is good!!! I am glad you approve!! Meet me in GA and we can discuss it!! Laughing

Anonymous said...

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The Savage said...

You definitely have a flare for the erotic... ;)

The Invisible Seductress said...

See Savage,,now I'm all smiley and crap!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

well i am enjoying you stories very much so far so where did you get the sexy inspiration to right this steamy tale hmm maybe from someone who owned you :) looking forward to reading more